A Tune-Up is normally performed annually and it’s much like going to the doctor for your annual exam. How is your heart doing, is your cholesterol high, are your lungs strong and clear? At Trustworthy Auto our mechanics are doctors for your car. How is your air filter doing; do we need to replace it? Is your air-conditioner blowing strong? Let’s top off your fluid levels. How are your brakes doing? A tune-up essentially inspects and replaces wear-and-tear parts.

Your car’s manual should tell you when you need a tune-up and what parts to replace depending on the age of your car. You may also want a Tune-Up if you’re getting ready for an exceptionally cold winter or a hot summer. There are other physical signs that you need a tune-up such as:

  • Knocking sounds

  • Trouble starting your vehicle

  • Vibrations while idling

  • Poor gas mileage

  • Stalling

Or maybe it’s just time to get one whether you’re having problems or not. Preventative Maintenance is the best way to keep your car happy and running efficiently. Why wait until there’s a bigger and more expensive problem? Schedule a Tune-Up today with Trustworthy Auto.

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