Transmission Services

Your vehicle’s transmission is another name for the gearbox that transfers the power from the engine to the wheels. The transmission helps you shift gears whether you drive an automatic or a manual. Preventative maintenance will keep your transmission running smooth and safe. Part of maintaining it is adding the correct transmission fluid that is recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. The fluid keeps the transmission from getting too hot and causing damage.

When your transmission begins to have problems you’ll notice that it starts slipping. That means it will slip while changing into the next gear, have a delayed reaction while shifting, or involuntarily shift into a different gear. This can cause your car to be thrust forward unexpectedly which is a dangerous situation for everyone on the road.

Other signs of a failing transmission system is: Transmission warning light will come on, Rough shifting, Unusual smells, Transmission fluid leak, and Grinding sounds.

At Trustworthy Auto we can handle your transmission needs whether you drive an automatic or a manual vehicle. Both transmissions require a fluid flush and exchange, however the automatic may need a few more parts to be inspected and or replaced such as the filter and pan gasket. Call today and schedule an appointment.

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