Tire Rotation

Your tires bear the full weight of the car it carries and also takes the abuse of uneven road conditions. The health of your tires impact how well the car drives and how safe it is. Tire rotation means moving the tires from one wheel to another. This ensures that the tires will wear evenly and extend their tread life. Front tires tend to wear down faster on the edges because they handle turning and accelerating. If they are not rotated regularly; they will have to be replaced sooner than expected.

Rotating tires is one way to preserve them but you’ll also want to properly maintain tire pressure, vehicle alignment, and the suspension system all of which can affect thread life.

Tire Rotation Procedure

Make sure each tire is removed from the vehicle and moved to a different spot. There are three common patterns:

  • Forward Cross Move front tires to the rear and criss-cross the new front tires.

  • Rearward Cross Move rear tires to the front and criss-cross the new rear tires.

  • X Pattern Move front to the rear and criss-cross all tires.

Check the air pressure and add more if needed.

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