Oil & Filter Change

Changing your oil and oil filter regularly is inexpensive and easy to do and will keep your car humming for years. Oil lubricates all the parts of your engine; without it the metal will rub against each other causing friction and tear it down. Clean oil protects the cylinder walls, pistons, and rings. Over time the oil ages and becomes watery; making it a poor lubricant. Also, extreme heat like we have here during our Texas summers can cause oil to break down even faster.

The oil filter screens out or traps contaminants and debris so they don’t enter the engine and cause damage. The filter will eventually become clogged with debris rendering it inefficient and not enough clean oil will be able to pass through it.

Warning signs that you need an oil and filter change:

  • Oil Change Light
    If your oil light turns on you need to come in for maintenance

  • Exhaust Smoke
    this could be a sign of an oil leak

  • Increased Engine Noise
    your engine doesn’t have enough oil and isn’t lubricated properly causing metal components to make hard contact and damage itself

  • Car shakes while idle
    too much friction in the engine

  • Dark, Dirty Oil
    you can check this yourself by removing the dipstick, clean it, return it to the oil tank, and take it out a second time

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