The Fuel System

The fuel system stores and sends fuel to the engine. It starts with you putting gasoline into the fuel tank; from there it travels through the lines and into the fuel pump. It passes through the fuel filter which screens out any dirt or debris before it heads on into the fuel injector or carburetor. Newer cars have done away with carburetors and use fuel injectors instead because they’re more reliable, however both parts have tiny openings that clog easily and that’s why you need a fuel filter before it gets there. If all of these parts are working properly; your engine should be clean and function well.

Maintain a Healthy Fuel System

Over time due to dirty fuel and contaminants, the fuel filter will become clogged and prevent an adequate amount of fuel to enter the combustion chamber. This leads to your vehicle performing poorly. A faulty fuel system can also cause major damage to the catalytic converter which is an expensive problem to fix. To prevent this from happening, your vehicle will need a chemical cleaning of the fuel system and a new filter. A clean system will ensure your car will perform better, improve fuel economy, and extend engine life.

Buy Good Gasoline

Where you buy your gas can have a huge impact on your car. Go to the national gas stations that everyone has heard of if you want good fuel. Some of the other small and unknown stations have dirty fuel and can contain water. There’s no sense in having a clean fuel system if you’re going to fill it with dirty gas.

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