What is a Drivetrain?

The Drivetrain or as it is sometimes called, the powertrain, is the system that creates power to make the car move. It is comprised of the following parts: the wheels, drive shaft, transmission, and engine. There are more specific parts that you may or may not need; it depends on whether your vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission. When all of these parts are properly maintained they create a more fuel efficient car.

What is the Suspension System?

The Suspension System relays the power the drivetrain creates to the wheels. It balances and absorbs the shocks of bumpy roads and potholes making your drive safer and more comfortable. The suspension system parts are the tires, springs, and shocks; air pressure in your tires is important too.

What Problems Should I Look Out For?

The Drivetrain and the Suspension System work together to make your car efficient, comfortable, and safe. When one of these systems starts to fail it affects the other system as well. Look out for these signs of system failure:

  • Vibrations when shifting gears

  • Alignment issues while driving

  • Grinding or whining noise when driving

If you feel your drivetrain or suspension systems needs preventative maintenance or repairs; call Trustworthy Auto today and schedule an appointment. Our certified mechanics care about your car’s performance and your well being.

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