Auto Repair Estimates

Repairing your car is something no one ever wants to go through. You first worry about what is wrong with your car, can it be fixed? How much will it cost to fix it? Can I afford to fix it? Who do I trust to do the repairs? Should I just buy a new car? It’s easy to get overwhelmed because we depend on our vehicles so much. You could call around or go online to find estimates but you really need someone to see it in person to understand what the problem is.

Diagnosis and Estimates

Bring your car into Trustworthy Auto Service. Our certified mechanics and in store personnel will tend to all your needs. Let us run a full diagnosis on your car and find the problem. We will give you an estimate that contains: the parts required, hours of labor, and taxes. After our mechanics diagnose the issue, we will explain precisely what the problem is and then go step by step through the entire estimate. We’ll answer any questions you have until you feel confident that we can take care of your vehicle.

How much do parts and labor cost?

Well that depends on the diagnosis our mechanics give you. The required part(s) may be in house or something that needs to be ordered. It could also be a minor part or something more crucial to your car’s health. The hours of labor also depends on the diagnosis and the model and year of the car you’re driving. All cars basically function the same way but the placement of those parts may be in a different location according to their make and model. The hours we quote could be higher if more problems arise during the repair. If that happens, we will contact you and let you know what needs to be done and how long it will take. We won’t do anything until we have your approval to continue. We will not surprise you with additional costs.

At Trustworthy Auto Service you can trust that we will properly diagnosis your car, give you an honest estimate, and talk you through the entire process before attempting to do any repairs. Our goal is to give you the best service we can and for you to feel confident when you drive your repaired car out of our garage.

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