AC Repairs

No one ever wants to drive uncomfortably in their car. If your AC system isn’t keeping you warm in the colder months, then come visit us today at Trustworthy Auto for service. Our certified technicians will provide top quality repairs and service so you can feel comfortable driving during any season.

When should you have your Car Air Conditioner serviced?

  • Annually – Especially before the Texas summer!

  • Low Air Flow – When you feel a decline in its performance. For example the air not blowing properly, or the air is not cold.

  • Smell – When you notice a foul odor or musty smell coming from the air vents.

  • Sound – When you hear strange noises coming from the vents or under the hood, it could mean your air conditioning is failing.

Trustworthy Auto is dedicated to quality repairs, and check ups. Our auto repair professionals guarantee incredible service to help you feel comfortable  in your car, and confident in our service.

Our AC Service Include

  • Inspecting lines and hoses for corrosion and leaks

  • Check pressure readings

  • Test output air temperature

  • Clean and replace refrigerant

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